Booty Tools is a Belgian brand with a lot of love for the glutes. On our webshop you can find all the workout accessories your booty needs. We want to make it possible for all women to train whenever and wherever they want, on their own terms and with their own equipment.
Booty Tools is designed to make you feel comfortable during your workouts. No straps or weights that hurt your legs, no bands that lose their strength or break while you are using them, … We have thought of every problem that can occur while training and made sure these will never happen while using our accessories.
The founder of Booty Tools, @dorinefitt, is a Personal Trainer who has a lot of knowledge and experience in building booties. She wanted to create ONE webshop for all the booty accessories she uses herself on a daily basis. Her plan is to keep expanding her brand and to help a lot of women with their booty goals!
Next to this webshop, Booty Tools also has an Instagram and a Facebook page on which we post a lot of workout videos. You can tag us in your posts for a chance to get featured!